This list consists of a selection of links to general and academic websites. Mostly in English, but also in Dutch, for those who want to learn more about certain aspects of AnimalHuman Studies. 

This is the international network for Human-Animal Studies. This website contains a lot of information about the international education offer, newsletters, events and other information. 

This international discussion list including logs is an important gathering place of and for persons, information and links related to Human-Animal Studies. With information about (the history of) the various (interdisciplinary) sub-streams within Human-Animal Studies, links to books and magazines, conferences and modules at universities worldwide. 

Homepage of the first scientific institute entirely devoted to Human-Animal Studies, with a particular emphasis on animal rights. The institute is also publisher of the Journal for Critical Animal Studies, the archive of which is available online. And you can subscribe to the newsletter and the discussion list.

Homepage of the natural history department of the BBC, which (not entirely wrongly) still has the best reputation worldwide when it comes to the production of documentaries about animals and nature. 

Less academic and more committed Dutch website with (sometimes also own) news and idiosyncratic opinions about animals, nature and the environment. 

This platform brings together researchers, teachers and students in the field of anthrozoology and other research fields that relate to our relationship and interaction with animals.