Courses in the Netherlands

Animal law at the Open University

In the course “Animal Law” you will become acquainted with the internationally emerging field of Animal Law (Animal Law) and you will become familiar with the legal position of animals in the democratic constitutional state. The course has a legal philosophical slant, so that you not only become acquainted with animal law as such, but you can also reflect on it from a broader context. This is a course of 5 EC.


Anthrozoology in practice at Open University

In this module of the Open University, you will learn about the implementation of the knowledge of anthrozoology in practice and about how animal welfare should be implemented. This module costs you 16 hours and 92 euros. You can make the module at your own leisure.


Applied Archaeozoology bij de Rijksuniversiteit Groningen

In this course at the Rijksuniversiteit Groningen students learn methods in Archaeozoology to study the history of human-animal interactions. 5 EC course.


Archaeozoological Method and Theory bij de Rijksuniversiteit Groningen

As a follow-up to Applied Archaeozoology at the Rijksuniversiteit Groningen, the goal of this module is to achieve a basic understanding of recent archaeozoological methods. 5 EC course.


Ethology at Open University

In this module of the Open University you will learn about the origins and the different directions of Ethology, about the research method of Ethology, and the contribution of Ethology to research and practice in the field of human-animal interactions. This module costs you 16 hours and 92 euros. You can make the module at your own leisure.


Human-Animal Studies at the University of Amsterdam

This course examines the relationship between humans and animals based on theories and research from different disciplines such as history, sociology, philosophy, anthropology, media studies, and biology. The course consists of twelve lectures, including a number of external guest lectures. This is a 6 EC course, provided by the Institute for Interdisciplinary Studies. No prior knowledge is required to take this course.


Human-Animal Relationships and Interactions at Maastricht University

This course examines and considers the different types of relationships between animals and humans in contemporary society, from a historical, social and linguistic perspective. Topics are pets, communication with and between animals, emotions and therapy by animals. This is a 1EC course. It will be given on March 6-7, at Maastricht University.


Introduction to Animal Behavior at Wageningen University & Research

This online course examines the behaviors that animals display to survive the challenges of their daily life. To begin with, the course starts with how animals communicate and learn from each other, then the courses discusses how they find food, avoid predators, reproduce and care for their children. This is a 6 week free course, only the verified certificate for this course costs 49 euros. 


Introduction to Anthrozoology at Open University

In this online module from the Open University, you will learn about the origins of anthrozoology, about the terms of the field, about important problems in working with animals and the problems of studying animals. This module costs you 16 hours and 92 euros. You can make the module at your own leisure.


Posthumans in the Anthropocene

This course will focus on the Anthropocene, engaging posthuman rights, the nature/culture divide, indigenous epistemologies, alternative ecosystems, and many other topics. This is a 6EC course. 


The Animal Rights Debate: An Introduction

This course explains the relationship between political theory and the animal rights debate. You learn about animal rights, about ethical movements and the history of animal rights. This is a course of 6 EC.