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Read Pim Martens' new book here.

The book sets out a sustainable perspective on the relationship between human and non-human animals.

New Human-Animal Studies articles

What did the Covid-19 crisis tell us as humans about the relationship with non-human animals? Read the article by David O'Wiebers and Valery L. Feigin here.


When animals work, they should also get workers' rights. But… do animals really want to be employees? This article sets out the debate about the right, or rather, the duty of work for non-human animals.


The 4 N's for justification for eating meat are not only used for meat eating, according to. These 4N's are also used as a justification when purchasing other animal products. Read the article here!


Peppa Pig, many children all over the world grow up with her, while in the meantime these children are served pork. An article from this edition of the academic journal Journal for Critical Animal Studies examines the “Peppa Pig Paradox”.